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It was never easy to stand upholded. The unseen dew watered always. It was glacely resentful. Remembering such voyages although. Stay Pleasant, Live Wise.  @copyright at Dattasmita Vasist
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Return !!

Its been quite long, In deep Silence, Despite the True Vincent Words were unsent. I believe to return, Soon after a Turmoil There is me with Close Hope of Loop Its the green brought me back, despite the black in brown, The fight between Me and Mine Sought the destine before Shine. !!

Doles' Boon

The years were the Chalkie, As I could hardly rit the wrist. When the time knocked, I was blinking the eyes. Chalo , If the Time can, Bequeathing the force of Spine. Un-wandered distress behold-ed a while, Soon to boon, Soul beehive. Untold questions despite the return Unseen Shadow amidst the glare Blessed Young hoary Morning, Avant-garde as a new dole. End be the trust of new beginning Hope be the beginning of new Trust. -Dattasmita Vasist
The workshop on Soft Skills and Personality Developement on 02 October 2017. 

A Forgotten Kiss

Marina Beach, Chennai
@Embrace Smile at the Pace of Life in greet Look at the Pearl of Hope in feast Whirl at the Strength of Cry in feet Cry at the Door of Success in treat Mystery at the Gist of Thought in beat Serenity at the End of Life in Concrete